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They Want To Normalize Pedophilia
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TOPIC: They Want To Normalize Pedophilia

They Want To Normalize Pedophilia 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
They Want To Normalize Pedophilia..Stop the Madness America!

What strikes me about this website (and 100s of others that are not a little too different from Fox News) in the USA is the bizarre extremism that has seeped into the current life and almost become "normal" (what ever that is).

Donald Trump of course is like the chief cheer leader of all this insanity but..did it just sort of happen overnight or has it been years in the coming?

# it IS a form of "soft " Fascism and is incredibly scary as it's subtle in a way Josef Goebbels would have been envious of.
## These people claim they are Conservatives (like many of the current Tories). They'd be as far away from Conservatism as Jeremy Corbyn is. ( all my UK friends were Conservatives a long time ago..I think they'd all be on charges these days for something..probably for being an eccentric as there seem to be none left now.
### I don't know about these boys & girls who want to change sex (nothing to do with and let live) but these attackers are just downright nasty.

#### Of course most of these blokes that promote this stuff turn out to cross dressers or get arrested picking up blokes in Airport toilets and so on.
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Re:They Want To Normalize Pedophilia 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
I know what you mean.

My further concern is the pushing of acceptance from those who are after a promotion or recognition. I am already annoyed at some who have received QC status etc...
Some of what is classed as paedophilia is sickeningly barbaric.

As for Fox, in comparison to Prince Andrew, we only have to look at how Rupert was simply allowing pay-offs when his staff were involved in abuse of female colleagues but throws others under the wheels elsewhere when he isn't using dirt for political leverage. Surely that is a criminal act in itself of which the proof will be out there somewhere!

I just wish they would get the fuck on with it!

As some of us have gathered by now, business comes first! They don't care who they shaft.
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