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Suzy Lamplugh/ Jill Dando/ John Cannan
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TOPIC: Suzy Lamplugh/ Jill Dando/ John Cannan

Suzy Lamplugh/ Jill Dando/ John Cannan 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
I will put this here as I have already given it to Police and intelligence anyway.

In Christopher Berry Dees's book 'Prime Suspect' he mentions a guy by the name of Carl/Karl who John Cannan had asked to get hold of a shooter for him.

I learned of a guy called Carl/Karl in 1994. I had recently just come out of hospital after a major operation. So, I had a couple of weeks off work to get over it. Yes, only a couple of weeks! Mind you, I suffered major post operative stress for months after and it wasn't really known of then.

Anyway, I got bored at home so I was given the opportunity to go to work with somebody for the day to deliver some furniture. I only had to be a passenger and it took us out to the countryside so I went.

We had to do a stop off to a prop/ costume shop in Old Market, Bristol . before we set off. This is where I learned of a businessman by the name of Carl/Karl. During the conversation, massage parlours were mentioned.
I already knew stuff about unsolved murder as a young teenager of a dead car dealer but I never discussed the case with anyone in my family as a teen. It never occurred to me to do so.

A friend at work suggested a holiday in 1994 after my hospital stay. This was around the time I was finding more stuff out about the car dealer murder, glad I never went because it was when the Ferry Walkway collapsed. This friend knew of the unsolved murder and I had been prying and found stuff out.


I didn't start talking about it until around 2006/7 over the phone. I never even discussed what I knew of a dead car dealer with my Mother until around that time, but that was in person.
Somebody could have been listening in to my calls.

Anyway, I lost contact with this work friend for a while and met up around the time Diana died.
Then nothing until 1999. We all know who got killed that year?
Oddly enough, we were both sent to work for Brains faggots.

I have always believed Jill was killed by Gangland and nothing to do with paedophiles or VIP abuse.
I am concerned at such vile lies and further concerned how some in the media are in contact with some nasty criminals!

As for the dead car dealer (Wayne Lomas) he may have been killed as a backlash over a nightclub shooting in which he was acquitted and I also know (this isn't in the public domain) that the guy who was put on trial for concealing Wayne's body lost his wife to a house fire.
I was annoyed at Cold Case review team when I asked if the fire was accident or arson to find they suggested the lady could be living abroad somewhere.
It was like they were trying to alter my reality.
They stopped taking my calls after.

They wonder why I don't trust police?

Anyway. There it is.

Not all of it (I have to protect names and places), but more than most will know.

I do all I can and take the shit for it!
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