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TOPIC: the Chief Rabbi

the Chief Rabbi 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
I expected this attack but the false claims about Jeremy Corbyn are so dangerous I have no idea where they will end.

A pox on the "Chief Rabbi"
who represents no-one more than a few 1000 Jews..he's like a Vicar or a Bishop and not..and this is where it gets depressing..not like the frigging Pope (with a flock of 1.2 billion) as the editor of the Times claims (and in doing so not only shows his sheer ignorance of the Jewish religion- which most don't bother with and perpetuates a shocking antisemitic trope used for 100s of years..a belief that somehow Jews are a homogenizes same thinking body )

I suspect that Britain's Jews will pay a terrible price for years to come if..if..Labour loses and the false antisemitism accusations are claimed as a reason.

Labour in 2017 got nearly 13 million votes and other parties got over 3 million more votes than the Tories is the way in the UK..the Tories won with a minority vote.

# Christ I fucking hate Britain's anti-democratic electoral system after Oz's genuine proportional representation and preference voting where your vote flows down to second. third etc choice so that the country gets a stable government with politicians who basically reflect the vast majority opinion.

There will be 10,000s of real nutters among those voters who are incapable of thinking things through. I really fear how they may react.

Despite having a Jewish mother and numerous Jewish relatives we never ever experienced a single incident of antisemitism in the UK.

## I did receive shocking attacks though for looking too Slavic at a time when I guess there weren't too many around.
( until about age 16 when it finally dawned it was a fabulous advantage especially with the ladies)

In fact I've never met anyone (Jewish) that has !. Because most antisemitism is actually not's aimed as Jews as a "race" in a sort "ethereal" way..say Holocaust denial or using old anti-Jewish tropes.

Its not like the sort of racism that Muslims, Pakistanis, West Africans etc receive which is far more in their face and usually personal.

Here is a comprehensive history of Jeremy Corbyn's anti-racism and defense of the Jewish community for his entire political life that shames most politicians (especially the vocal racist Boris Johnson) that makes the Chief Rabbi ( a Tory and close pal of Johnson's) look like the fraud he is.

And the world's economist saying Labour's polices are the best !!!

Economists and academics back Labour spending plans
163 signatories to letter say party ‘deserves to form the next government’

"On 59 occasions, Jeremy Corbyn condemned Iran over the last 30 years for their treatment of Jewish people, women, the LGBT community, Trade Unionists and Kurds
"50 times Jeremy Corbyn took a stand to defend Jewish People and Jewish life in Britain. Jeremy attacked Holocaust deniers, and pressured the police to do more to tackle antisemitism."
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Re:the Chief Rabbi 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
Yes I do worry that this obvious media crusade could be what stops Corbyn forming a government. Hopefully a coalition with LibDems and SNP which can finally stop the Brexit madness and remove the valid reasons for Scots & Northern Irish to want to leave the UK.

But the anti-semitic strategy is very organised and effective; for absolutely no reason no Jew can now vote Labour whereas in fact any anti-semites exist exactly the same in all parties and walks of society (very few, I reckon; most Trolls are anti-semites like so many loonies).
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Re:the Chief Rabbi 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
I think it is so unwise, this policy of exaggerating and lying to get votes. I've experienced it in the False Allegations Industry. Now we see Muslims saying "Don't Vote Tory". Equally silly. No party encourages or supports racism, sexism, religionism. Pretending they do makes the ordinary voter go the other way.
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