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Election half time; how's it looking?
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TOPIC: Election half time; how's it looking?
Election half time; how's it looking? 1 Week, 3 Days ago  
Going to plan for all sides I reckon. Lib Dems relying on Jo Swinson are finding they made a big mistake; picked the wrong leader (as they did with Tim Fallon). Soon we shall see Swinson forced to change her Revoke Article 50 policy and move to a Second Referendum; hopefully doing a deal with Labour; whoever is third in Tory held seats will stand aside to benefit the second. Tories will increase the Anti Semitism allegations provoking Labour to increase the Boris is anti-Muslim campaign; both futile and pointless; both will cancel each other out. Then someone (I do hope not Labour - a very nasty trick) will make sure Boris gets arrested before polling day and is questioned under caution to answer allegations (probably false) of historical under age sex. My latest suspicion, being a cynic, is that the accuser will be a Jewish woman.
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Re:Election half time; how's it looking? 1 Week, 2 Days ago  
The key Tory effort is to smear Corbyn. There's a problem here. He comes across as sensible, reasonable and calm. Brexit? He takes the middle ground. The Boris deal is awful; negotiate a better one, then ask the people if they still want Brexit on those terms or prefer to remain (and reform)? Right wing media scream "he's sitting on the fence; cannot make his mind up". The average voter, undecided, think "No he's not". Anti Semitism? He says he's totally against it (as his record shows) but admits Labour, like everyone else, has not been very good at kicking loonies out. Meanwhile Boris tries to hide racist jokes. The average voter thinks "I prefer Corbyn". The more we see leaders the more Corbyn seems sensible, Boris seems dodgy, Swinson seems drippy.
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Re:Election half time; how's it looking? 1 Week, 2 Days ago  
It's highly likely that the Tories will win the most seats - and probable that a coalition government will be ensue.

Followed by another Brexit referendum - the outcome of which is much less certain.

Rarely has the country been so polarised. With minor parties ready and willing to deal.

Even Sinn Fein may take up their Westminster seats - to help their ambition for a united Ireland.

In the 100 years of partition on the island of Ireland - never has the unification (of North and South) been so close.

Most UK voters aren't aware that Northern Ireland costs the UK Exchequer £1 billion a month - to subsidise.

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