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SAFARI 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
Please subscribe to Safari (I've said this before) and read this latest Newsletter about Donald Adams. Horrifying.
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Re:SAFARI 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
It is absolutely extraordinary that this case did not receive massive media publicity; it illustrates so clearly that the False Allegations Industry is out of control still, despite Carl Beech.
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Re:SAFARI 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
From this month's excellent issue. I do hope Boris Johnson and the Patel woman read this site.

ONE READER BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION this text by American judge and justice system reformer, Dennis Challeen (1936-2018), which clearly explains why prison doesn't work:

“Prisoners: We want them to have self- worth, so we destroy their self-worth. To be part of our community, so we isolate them from the community. To be positive and constructive, so we degrade them and make them useless. To be non- violent, so we put them where there is violence all around. To be kind and loving people, so we subject them to hatred and cruelty. To quit being tough guys, so we put them where the tough guy is respected. To quit hanging around losers, so we put all the losers under one roof. To quit exploiting us, so we put them where they exploit each other. We want them to take control of their own lives own their own problems and quit being parasites, so we make them totally dependent on us.”
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Re:SAFARI 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
and more from the excellent newsletter (I get more info from Safari than most of the traditional media added together);

A SAME-SEX COUPLE, BEN & JORDAN, have been targeted by a vigilante group calling themselves "Yorkshire Child Protectors" (YCP). First, the group pulled them from the car, then falsely accused them of committing paedophilic offences and live-streamed a confrontation between themselves and Ben & Jordan to around 30,000 people. They also, according to Ben, hurled homophobic abuse, calling them 'pooffs' and 'gay nonces'.

The group then seized Ben & Jordan's phones from them as they believe they would contain proof of inappropriate communication with their decoy who was pretending to be a child. The police eventually arrived, and the officers took Ben and Jordan's phones. Ben said: "The paedophile was still messaging their decoy while we were standing there and the police had our phones".

This proved that Ben and Jordan were completely innocent. In a statement, the group said: 'We at YCP take responsibility for our part played in these innocent men being arrested, but we won't be taking all the blame." Instead, they blamed the sting on false intelligence from other vigilantes. As far as we are aware, they made no apology for the homophobic abuse they allegedly hurled at Ben & Jordan – which is hate crime. The live-stream was seen by 30,000 people, but their apology would only have reached a tiny minority of that figure.

Supt Alan Farrow said: 'There can be nothing more important than the ongoing protection of our children, but this has to be spearheaded by the police and other law enforcement agencies.' SAFARI agrees. If you know a crime is being committed, tell the police, but do not confront the potential culprit. We hope YPC compensate Ben & Jordan for the terrible ordeal they were put through, although we doubt they will. We do not know if the members of YPC involved have faced any charges for their own crimes, including the assault on Ben and Jordan.
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Re:SAFARI 1 Year, 6 Months ago  
JK2006 wrote:
'There can be nothing more important than the ongoing protection of our children'

Children that don't exist. The 'child' is a vigilante pretending to be a youngster in order to have sexual conversations with men. Hiding in plain sight?

Meanwhile, a real crime is committed against real victims. Two men beaten up severely WITH VIDEO EVIDENCE, and the police do nothing about it. It reminds me more than a little of the relationship between the Brownshirts and the Criminal Police in Nazi Germany.
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