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Straight talking, with unpleasant realities
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TOPIC: Straight talking, with unpleasant realities

Straight talking, with unpleasant realities 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Ursula von der Leyden - the new EU president - tells it, as it is. With an elegant smile.

Boris' EU deal/exit timeline is unrealistic - not least because of other EU 'priorities' - Ursula confides.

And the requirement for all member states to sign off on a myriad of side deals and agreements.

But the UK now expects - after some considerable time, toing and froing, to Brussels with a variety of proposals (and different politicians) - priority treatment.

We've had our quota of that - and after the long awaited decision to leave the EU - we must now join many negotiation/consideration queues, and debate for 2/3 years more.

OR - just walk out without a deal, which is becoming more likely. Boris likes to make his own deadlines, whatever the cost.

Patience isn't one of his virtues...

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Re:Straight talking, with unpleasant realities 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
WW3 on the brink. Do you think it is a good time to leave the EU?
It will never be a good time.

My prediction: USA will either run with its tail between its legs or it will keep the chest beating going.
There will be only one outcome for the USA, it will lose much respect from.other states, and it will lose trade.
As a bonus, I can see certain countries coming to UK side meaning US will get it's real independence day, but like a psychopath, it won't be Happy about having it's ass handed to it and unpredictability will be a concern.

Because of the USA the UK are hated by certain middle east countries. They will see the truth in time.

When the US tells me somebody is a terrorist, I question it because judging by their past, there is still much doubt about their accusations against Saddam, Gaddafi, Megrahi and Bin Laden.
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Re:Straight talking, with unpleasant realities 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Michel Barnier - of the European Union - clearly states, this morning in Stockholm, that the Boris 11 month timetable is unrealistic.

Highly complex negotiations and agreements are required - against an unprecedented background. And disagreement(s) between the parties is inevitable.

All member states have the ratify the trade agreement's terms, for example - and there is little goodwill for the members to put a former member's requirements on the top of their pile.

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Re:Straight talking, with unpleasant realities 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
as ex Oz PM Kevin Rudd is fond of saying : when he was elected in 2007 and as a Mandarin speaker with decades of experience in China as Foreign Minister...he began the most imprtant new Trade Negiation with China as a priority.

It's still not concluded but almost there
...13 years later. This is quite normal although most trade deals can be concluded from perhaps 3 to 7 years depending on how complicated they are.

Mind you the UK will need at least 5000 skilled expert Trade don;t want someone learning on the job.

But all this was conducted by the EU..where will they come from?
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