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Cyprus - Rape Island according to BBC
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TOPIC: Cyprus - Rape Island according to BBC
Cyprus - Rape Island according to BBC 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
The ghastly Victoria Derbyshire show which like sobbing ex police pretending to be victims, this morning without Victoria, has "Sophie" sobbing about how she was raped in Cyprus on holiday; dreadful woman coming up with a ludicrous story. Found a condom inside her when she woke up on day. She didn't go to Cyprus Police - went back home via a few days in London ("completely understandable" says Gosling) - then went to a clinic; she had no idea who had raped her or why. Finally went to Scottish police who said her story was ridiculous. Not prepared to bravely waive her anonymity but shot with her back to the camera. Really; what kind of country have we become?
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Re:Cyprus - Rape Island according to BBC 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Why did the police call it ridiculous?

The real cases probably won't get a decent look in the future. Look at the attempts of trying to normalise pedophilia.

This country won't even give the masses the truth on politics. Why expect it anywhere else?

Exactly, JK what has it become?

Things will get much worse until the media disappears up its own backside. It can't say it didn't ask for it.
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