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TOPIC: More Denial

More Denial 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
It isn't a justice system, it is just a system.

This is the latest from Ministry of Justice on Twitter.

I don't know which is worse, the denial on this topic or the denial around Epstein's case.

Still, they refuse to cite adultery as an act of abuse.

You can read my piece on it here

I have posted a couple of pages recently.
I have held off on my blog because it was hacked. Which will only make things worse for hackers who are eventually caught.
I also had to have my ISP reset my services due to unexplained technical interference. They said it could be due to an app that is doing something it shouldn't. The last app I installed was ZOOM.
My ISP is looking into it all. I warned them it is in their interest to investigate and go after idiots who hack and worse. They have already had to delist from NY stock exchange.
I have had constant emails from American news sites which claim I subscribed to them when I didn't. They are now pushing their propaganda into our communications because it is a dying profession.

I will just WordPress my thoughts in the future as social media has become unfit for purpose, stat fiddling continues on an epic level to pave the way for advertsisng, marketing and spamming crap (assisted controlled by media?) and nobody really gives a shit until they get problems themselves.
Don't expect me to help. I had to battle the bastards alone.

Yesterday, (made me laugh) I got an email explaining how to look for G-spots. Sorry, but I don't need any education on that.

Many do, but I'm clued up.

That's why I don't get upset when somebody calls me a wanker!
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