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TOPIC: Republic of Ireland

Re:Republic of Ireland 1 Week ago  
Honey wrote:
Barney wrote:

Analysis these facts.

RoI is barely able to pay the €14 million a day, in interest on its €220 billion National Debt.

Our Exchequer gives Northern Ireland £1 billion a month, to pay its bills.

Please Book (or someone else).

Tell us how a united Ireland would work.

Not to mention that they don't even want unifying.

There's only one way to bring about a united Ireland - bearing in mind the £1 billion monthly cost of Northern Ireland to the UK Exchequer.

For years now, this massive subvention has been utilised to pay NI's bills - and is in addition to numerous other necessary payments.

All required because of NI's perilous economic state - with virtually no industry and a very low GDP.

If Boris agreed to offload NI to the Republic - we would get a huge millstone off our necks - and the people of RoI (and Sinn Fein) would jump at the prospect of seeing the island united.

However the RoI would need to be incentivised - with a considerable sum. Which just might be worth it to us!

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Re:Republic of Ireland 5 Days, 19 Hours ago  
Stalemate in Ireland.

The party who received the most votes - Sinn Fein - is unable to even arrange meetings with the parties that they need to form a coalition government with.

Fine Fail and Fine Gael refuse to discuss a coalition, because of SF's links with the Irish Republican Army.

Another election is a possibility - or another coalition between FF and FG.

SF's past has come back to haunt them - in a country that now has the fastest growing economy in Europe.

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Re:Republic of Ireland 5 Days, 18 Hours ago  
Next week will be the 48th anniversary of the 1972 bombing at the Aldershot military base in Hampshire.

A car bomb, planted by the IRA, killed 7 and wounded 19.

It's little wonder therefore that few parties wish to join Sinn Fein in government.

But what's even more surprising is that 25% of the Republic of Ireland's voters chose them in the recent election.

SF's best result ever - receiving more votes than any other party - and largely from younger voters, with little knowledge of 1972.

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Re:Republic of Ireland 4 Days, 16 Hours ago  
Excellent piece in the Daily Mail (which I'm unable to post) today about the IRA attempt to gain control of the Republic of Ireland.

Via their political arm, Sinn Fein - in the recent general election. A quarter of the electorate voted for them.

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