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TOPIC: White House Farm
White House Farm 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
White House Farm I thought it was very well done and the slight nod at the end, implying the girlfriend could have been a false accuser in the pay of the News Of The World & the media at least left a flicker of doubt. The one person I feel terribly sorry for is Colin. A vile crime.
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Re:White House Farm 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
As I see it, he can only be innocent if his sister was guilty as he was the source of the information to police (calling his local station rather than dialing 999) that his father had supposedly phoned him (again rather than dialing 999) to say she'd gone berserk with a gun. If he's innocent, that has to be true and his father, if trying to raise the alarm, would hardly have said it was the sister when it was someone else. Yet according to the appeal court judgment (also source of info about the lack of 999 calls) there were no traces of gunshot residue/lead/lubricant on the sister and her nails were perfectly manicured, despite supposedly having used and reloaded the gun.

For the sister to be guilty, she would also not only have had the strength to struggle with, batter and overcome her taller father but also use the gun accurately on all the victims. Yet the appeal judgment says:

"86. On 3 March 1985 Sheila Caffell was re-admitted to hospital in Northampton. Then she was agitated, very disturbed and in an anxious state. Her thinking was again very involved with the concepts of good and evil, but on this occasion more directly related to excessive religious ideas. She made no reference to any thoughts concerning her children or parents. As before she responded to treatment and was discharged on 29 March 1985.

87. Thereafter Sheila Caffell received monthly injections of Haloperidol, a drug used to treat agitated states which had anti-psychotic and tranquillising properties. It also has sedative side effects at the levels prescribed."

Moreover for Jeremy Bamber to be innocent it surely requires deceptive/conspiratorial behaviour from a string of people: his girlfriend, the police, his family. While also of course ignoring his odd behaviour after the murders. Surely much more straightforward a story if he's guilty.

Can't help but wonder whether, if he had been ugly and lacking in charm so many people would be doubting the verdict.
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Re:White House Farm 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
I remember reading Colin Caffell’s inspirational book back in the 90s before the perpetual victimhood movement took off. He was a victim but managed to work through his trauma and grief and create a new life for himself.
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Re:White House Farm 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
Nobody should base such serious issues on looks. That is for shallow and obtuse types. And the media?

My interest is for many reasons. Rightly so.

I never asked to be pulled into this web of mind fuck. But, now I'm in it, I intend to use my ammunition and determination.

It costs me nothing, but for some it is priceless.
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