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Reports on the virus from Italy
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TOPIC: Reports on the virus from Italy
Reports on the virus from Italy 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
A poster on the portsmouth fan site is resident in Italy and is posting reports on the events there. Makes for an interesting read.

"I decided to start this a new post for all of you, it will help you prepare for the real total war that we are fighting here:

Part 6 the rise of the machines (ventilators) and military

Imagine you are standing on the street corner in Bergamo it is 10:00pm. You’re here the noise of truck engines, 65 military rumble to the city cemetery each carrying coffins like those I saw in the Piazza dei Morti in Brescia that sunny silent morning at the hospital on Tuesday morning.

The cremation services cannot process all so they get sent to another 6 regions to do the final rights.

So you should get the numbers not the politic speak and rubbish and I have to sadly say misinformed news from the BBC you get in the UK .
Let me deal with the some of it.

Only supermarkets fruit and veg and corner stores plus pharmacies in Italy are open WRONG tobacconists, newsagents some mobile phone shops and a few DIY.

You can only shop from supermarkets you can walk to. WRONG, you can drive to a local supermarket near by or use my cunning plan re hospital multi stop see episode 5.

Now lets get down to the numbers, many of you have said, “Well it’s like you are living on Krakatoa East of Java” is that true?

Yes it is so now I am going to give you a calculation game that with a simple Excel you can enter your figures based on our Bergamo experience.

Give us the numbers Chris I hear you say. OK here we go strap in and hit start all motors, let's drive the experience

Bergamo province has a population of 1.1 million
Hampshire has a Population of 1.3 million
Liverpool has a population of 550,000 it has 2 intensive care ventilators in use and a capacity of 20 units (source Question Time BBC tonight)

Here are our numbers this morning in our province not the whole country (Source L'Eco Di Bergamo our regional paper)
Tested positive 17,713 + 1493 24 hours
Deaths 1,959 + 319 24 hours
Virus at home confirmed 4,057 -208
Tests carried out 48,993 + 2,534
In intensive care with ventilators 924 + 45 in 24 hours
Not in intensive care 7,265 + 332 in 24 hours
Released virus passed 3,488 in 24 hours

Intensive care respiratory units in Lombardy, consider we are one of the richest regions in Europe, was 750 before we started and we have been able to deliver 350 new grade 1 machines it is still not enough. We are using 470 grade 2 class here to support the numbers above. But we don't have enough.

When is the plateau expected where cure/death numbers rise/drop 31st March is the best estimate.

What to do? Maintain isolation as best you can, no unnecessary travel, and all the rest of the stuff you know. We have been damned by nice warm spring weather so too many young people are out and wandering about. The mammas particularly the big ones are getting angry and shouting about it.

New police tactic they are tracking GPS on our phones so they can catch us out if we are wandering (tangentpoli, Calciopoli) now Virusopoli so leave your phone at home.
Yes the Roman Spring is coming but not yet, the war continues"

look for posts by chrismilanman
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