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TOPIC: Get the hell away from me!

Get the hell away from me! 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
I was forced to go to several shops for basic food.
In every single one some bloody twerp has stood right behind me breathing down my neck at the till.

I would really like to machine-gun the cretins who make a big show of ignoring advice at the expense of others. Anti-snowflakes?
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Re:Get the hell away from me! 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Yes, that's the worst part of shopping at the moment - the queuing. It's quite unnerving as people are cramped up together. As someone said, it's less alarming if someone farts rather than coughs. And personally these twits with their (surely ineffective) face masks really put me on edge. They just spread a sense of paranoia that wouldn't be there is everyone just acted normally.
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Re:Get the hell away from me! 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
And all pubs closed, from tonight!ยก

I've already got withdrawal symptoms...

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Re:Get the hell away from me! 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Bondi Beach yesterday was the busiest I've seen it and the beach was choc a bloc..almost standing room only.

It was an exceptionally hot day for the middle of Autumn and today it's cooled down considerably but the media has been screeching blue murder and surprisingly..there were 100s & 100s of foreign backpackers there. Not that I care but I'm not sure how they are still here if the airlines have shut down.

The supermarket business is really pissing me off. As retailers keep explaining- there is NO shortage of goods or food, just hick-ups in supply with all sorts of road rules about deliveries.

As I accurately predicted (but of course Blind Freddy could have as well)..speaking to a small newspaper chain boss last night- he says media companies have gone into melt-down with advertising virtually vanishing over night and in fact he has suspended publishing his 4 titles for 3 months not just because of the lack of advertisers..because distribution venues are shutting down as well !!

I've noticed the tone in local Murdoch titles ( basically every Oz city newspapers) shift rapidly within 2 days from Panic Doom & Gloom to "we can get through this united together !! ( as long as you keep buying print issues of our rag)"

How on Earth a country like China operates is a huge mystery to me.
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