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Homeless at Buckingham Palace?
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TOPIC: Homeless at Buckingham Palace?

Homeless at Buckingham Palace? 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
Demands are being made by Republicans that the homeless should be housed at Buck House now HM has fled.
( was that her favorite Corgi she took with her?)

I say NO ! I bet it's rabbit warren of endless corridors and rooms mostly run down and there are bound to be mice.

I can imagine a Royal Butler coming across a few attic rooms of down & outs in a year's time who no-one noticed before.

Quite apart from the Silver which may go missing when inadvertently packed in a backpack.

The Ritz, Savoy, Connaught, Hilton etc are all bound to be empty soon.

Put them up in the 100s of soon to be empty London hotels and keep the staff on !!

One problem solved..

Another solution..the government rightly should let every business just go bust..that's Capitalism but, bailing them all out is probably a much better idea...

the Government should take / buy shares in all the companies it bails out. This is a win win situation for all !

Share prices would stabilise if the UK Government owns a sizeable proportion of Virgin, Tesco etc. (maybe not that ghastly weird looking Martin chap and his hideous pubs )

When the virus is contained and it all bounces back as people go on a shopping & holiday frenzy the government would rake in enormous profits as a shareholder...

prove me wrong !
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Re:Homeless at Buckingham Palace? 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
I agree, Hedda, but it is driven by jealousy and spite.

Nobody would ever suggest that a working class pensioner should let a homeless person live in their house while they go off to Spain for the winter.
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