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TOPIC: Meghan and Harry counselling.

Meghan and Harry counselling. 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
They have list of "helpful" things we can do to feel better and lots and lots of helpline numbers on their instagram thingy.

Among the (unwanted) advice is..

"If you’re home and feeling bored, you can digitally train to be a counselor and HELP someone who really needs your support! What an amazing way to use this time."

What an amazingly crass and dangerous thing to say!!!
It takes years and years of hard work and experience to qualify, followed by continuous training and supervision, not some mickey- mouse-arsehole fake thing that you could really damage someone with!
They have also displayed their complete ignorance of mental health, even though they keep on and on about it.

Is there nobody to tell them to shut up for goodness sake?
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Re:Meghan and Harry counselling. 1 Week, 3 Days ago  
I fully agree Honey. I could be wrong but I get the impression that, although probably well-intended, H&M think that the practice of keeping a “stiff upper lip” should be replaced by it’s extreme opposite - that it’s good and healthy to display emotion in public. The emotional contagion that this alternative, extreme approach promotes can be just as lethal as virus contagion - if not more lethal because many seem unaware of the problem and its potential outcomes.
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Re:Meghan and Harry counselling. 1 Week, 2 Days ago  
I don't think they have cottoned on to how irritating their ultra-wokeness is to those outside their protective bubble.
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