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TOPIC: Day 49
Day 49 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
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Re:Day 49 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
I think you are right to focus on Boris now JK. Some facts to disturb given we are in a national crisis (we aren't, but let's play along..)

- Boris recorded his statement Friday. He doesn't work weekends.

-Boris did not give the statement live. He did not give it in the Commons.

-This afternoon will be only the second time Bozza has appeared in the Commons this year to make a statement.

-8 months into his Premiership he has yet to appear before the Commons liaison committee.

-He has not given a conference to media for 11 days.

-Bozza was so concerned about the virus he didn't attend Cobra meetings about it until his career required he did so.

He is desperately - in my view - trying to subvert democracy and appeal straight to the people.

It is a grotesque carnival of self-regard; not statesmanship.

He knows he has buggered it all up. He knows that this lockdown was late and ineffective and that even the Barney's of this world won't help but stumble upon the emerging evidence now...

But his career will come first, and so we will continue to fuck things up for a few months until he can forget all about it and get on with Brexit and winning the love of Little Britain back; who going by comments on here and elsewhere, will still be fooled by it all, and grant it.
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Little Sausage

Re:Day 49 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
I can quite understand you wanting to piss off to the South of France ASAP,
same goes for me but I want to disappear to the South Pacific islands for a month or more...
but it looks like that’s still a far flung ambition at this stage...

I remember there used to be a very good business in doing covers of popular songs that were hits in other territories that hadn’t yet made there way into your own region...

This was before the internet became the en masse phenomenon that it is today.

The covers business was always good.. especially the taking of hits in America or Europe and turning them into new soundalike hits in the UK or Australia.

Apparently Germany was a good record selling market but I never had any personal dealings there..

Interestingly Germany along with Japan and South Korea still have a viable physical format business with CD sales.

For Japan and South Korea its mainly the teen idol groups that get the majority of the sales through brilliantly calculated, planned and executed marketing.

They’ve created star obsessed fans who’ll spend all their pocket money and allowance on CD’s and merchandising and of course over priced concert tickets.

Lou Pearlman created a US music teen machine back in the 90’s
through his company Trans Continental Records with acts like NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and a list of lesser known acts and I think Britney Spears was in there somewhere.

By 2006 things began to fall apart for Pearlman and Trans Continental when the FBI discovered what looked like a giant Ponzi scheme underpinning it all... There's a long story about it that you can find...

How did I get to this... not sure... oh that’s right.. the subject of star obsessed fans and clever marketing..

For the rest of the world it’s a streaming business, as it’s also becoming for TV drama and many movies.

Tech is the new rock and roll of today’s generation.. Internet startups and IPO’s are today’s glamour businesses.

Back to today’s episode, “Flirt” a very catchy and British sounding song of its time..
I never would have picked that it came from the continent.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s world of jk
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Re:Day 49 3 Weeks ago  
JK and wyot: I agree with you both. When I saw him giving his statement sitting down I wondered if that was part of the reason why it was pre-recorded and not in the HoC, i.e. if he's still too breathless to give a long statement standing up.
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