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TOPIC: Day 54 Eurovision
Day 54 Eurovision 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
Would this have won? Your thoughts & comments please!

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Re:Day 54 Eurovision 2 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Try to watch this before tonight's Eurovision specials on TV.
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Re:Day 54 Eurovision 2 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Watching tonights Come Together show, the choices are obviously picked by people under 30, as it contains lots of songs that most don't remember Mahmood from Italy anyone? I guess they are trying to be politcally correct and choose as wide a spread of countries as possible. In my opinion the best eurovision songs wouldn't contain any from the last 30 years. Abba with Waterloo or The Brotherhood of Man with Save Your Kisses for me (the biggest selling Eurovision song of all time), must surely win this, anything else would be a travesty. One of my favourtites was Bardo in 1982 with One Step Further (came 6th, but got to number 2 in the charts).
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Little Sausage

Re:Day 54 Eurovision 2 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Hi jk, marvellous back story about how you got involved with it.
I think it's dam amazing and fantastic that you had a shot at writing/producing songs for placement into Eurovision.

"Je T'Aime Beaucoup" (King) (nice play on words Beaucoup and Bocu as in Bocu Music Publishing)

Thought I'd analyse your song JK.
It's a 3 chord classic (plus the key change)
Key C Major followed by key change into D Flat Major, Tempo ~131 BPM

Intro 2 bars
Verse 1 (8 bars)
Chorus (8 bars)
Verse 2 (8 bars)
Chorus (mini) (4 bars)
Bridge 1 (4 bars)
Verse 3 (8 bars)
Chorus (build up) (8 bars)
Bridge 2 with Key Change (4 bars)
Verse 4 (8 bars)
Chorus (mini) (4 bars)
Bridge 3 (4 bars)
Chorus (8 bars)
Chorus (8 bars)
Chorus (repeated phrase) (end version) (8 bars)

The song isn't as straightforward as what you might think, comprising full and half chorus's, interlocking bridges and a non fade out ending..

oh and featured the jk speciality key change..
As soon as it shifted into the new D Flat it threw me out as C Maj has not black notes and D Flat Major is full of them...
Anyway.. I think it's pretty good.. One thing I notice about your songwriting JK is that you almost always use Major chords
whereas I'm also a big fan of minor chords, minor 7ths etc.. (using the relative minor of the major key)

Anyway.. enough of all that nonsense...

Looking forward to tomorrow's episode and hearing about Eurovision from Saturday night..
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Neil Saunders

Re:Day 54 Eurovision 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Well, JK, you were right to criticize the awful mirror dress that the BBC made Gina G wear. However, I remember the Ozone (a programme Andi Peters used to present and was hidden away on Sunday mornings on BBC2). He followed Katrina in 1997 and the BBC presented her with a Laura Ashley style floral dress to wear. She resolutely refused to wear it, and instead wore the charity shop outfit that she felt comfortable in. That's the advantage of being 36 and an experienced performer, rather than in your 20s and scared to stand up for yourself. She was going to perform the song on her terms. And how right she was to do so.
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