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TOPIC: Day 76.
Day 76. 2 Months ago  
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Green Man

Re:Day 76. 2 Months ago  
I'm surprised you didn't collaborate with Jimmy Buffet.

Speaking of covers, I think the song - Don't Throw Your Love Away. Would of been great for you, you had or have the vocal range for it.
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Little Sausage

Re:Day 76. 2 Months ago  
It's a very interesting subject that you covered today/tonight jk
and one I am also quite familiar with.

What Ever Happened To The Fabulous Record Business:
(Somebody came and took it away....)

We noticed the start of the rapid declines of the download business maybe 4 years ago and the almost complete wiping out of it
maybe a year or two ago..

It seems that if you have a song that sells 7 iTunes downloads a day it almost feels like a hit as most songs sell nothing...
but the Ringtone business for iPhones is still bubbling along... 29 second catchy bits... (how much longer that will last is another question..)

It's a business of fractions now.. but as someone I know once said.. crumbs make a loaf... so if you're lucky enough to have a song
or a catalog of songs that collectively get streamed 100 billion times then you're in for a nice payday..

I think the days of having hits and enjoying the rich pickings from it are largely over... The hit business is mostly based out of
Los Angeles, Max Martin, Dr Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) and the like have it pretty much sewn up.

When you look at the streaming charts you see the same names crop up and also featuring on each others records...

I don't think we'll see another pop/song hit factory with multiple artists coming out of England or Canada or Australia or New Zealand again.
The streaming chart is too dominated with US Hip Hop artists and that streaming influence has spread out across the world.

But the good thing is that there are wild cards that pop right out of left field.. like the TikTok hit "Laxed (Siren Beat)" which was put together
on a laptop by a 17 year old lad based in New Zealand.

It's huge on TikTok and now Jason Derulo has used the music of Laxed Siren Beat in his song "Savage Love" which will take it to another
more mainstream audience via wider media.

JK maybe you should get your assistant to do some 15-30 second edits of hooky parts of your catchiest songs and uploaded to TikTok,
even Instrumental sections.. as the TikTok generation love to dance to wild beats and hooky melodies.

And now.. after frolicking around the Internet, I found this little gem
JK and Kenny
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Green Man

Re:Day 76. 2 Months ago  
TikTok is for narcissists.
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Little Sausage

Re:Day 76. 2 Months ago  
That may well be so Green Man but it's currently an important cog in breaking new hits, viral hits...
Of course all the big names are trying to crack it now which will probably cause it to just become another major label marketing tool..
(actually that's already happening..)
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Green Man

Re:Day 76. 2 Months ago  
I rather get my music else where to listen to new stuff. You will have to pay me to go on TikTok.
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