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CoronaVirus - a Father's Day update.
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TOPIC: CoronaVirus - a Father's Day update.
CoronaVirus - a Father's Day update. 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
My position on this will be fairly well known by visitors to I believe the media latched onto Wuhan as a great story by exaggerating the dangers of the Covid19 virus enormously. Instead of reporting the reality which, it seems, is that this is a mild illness for 95% of those that get it, though very nasty to the 5% vulnerable, and highly infectious, they made it into a plague, dangerous to everyone.

Fair enough; indeed, if millions caught it, it could be spread amongst millions of the elderly and diabetic (I am both). As a result, in January I ordered a really strong face mask, expensive but reusable, advertised as having "triple carbon filters" (whatever that means; I suspect AdSpeak). It took 6 weeks to reach me and before it arrived I got a bad cold or mild Flu in early March, which could have been Covid19 as I did have one symptom, severe fever at night, which I don't normally get with flu or cold.

I did what all normal people do; self isolate so as not to give it to anyone; bed and liquids so I beat it. I did, in about 4 days. Then Lockdown officially started (I've now done it for over 100 days).

It is clear there are three routes for humanity to take.

1) Total lockdown to "stop the spread". 2) Do nothing as with Flu, Cancer, heart disease, car accidents, sepsis; simply treat victims and pray. Or 3) take the middle course; try to stop spreading by targeted lockdowns and isolation; protect the clearly vulnerable (care homes; those with underlying health issues; obese people; smokers). I believe that third route is the most sensible and the least harmful to humanity.

I don't think you can stop the spread. It had already spread out of Wuhan. Largely thanks to air travel (in my opinion) - for years I've considered planes to be germ tubes.

Figures since seem to have proved me right. Early localised testing and tracing seems to have worked in some countries but everywhere, no matter how controlled, Covid19 appears to have a shelf life and seems to be no more lethal than a bad Flu season. Even in the DeathFour countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain plus Belgium), the vastly larger Deaths to Cases ratio is like a bad Flu season, no worse.

Despite media inflation, trying to show how much more lethal Cobid19 is, the actual figures prove otherwise. They keep on reporting "deaths FROM Covid19" instead of "deaths WITH Covid19" - just as in a bad Flu season (2017-2018 in England and Wales - 50,000 deaths in 2 months; excess deaths that could have been people WITH Flu) they pretend CoronaVirus caused the deaths instead of the truth; it may have provoked other illnesses - pneumonia, strokes, heart attacks, accidents.

Despite different ways of constructing figures (does Spain include care home deaths?); if you look at the world, every country has small quantities of deaths compared to known Covid19 cases of infection. I suspect, since nobody (like me) gets tested with no, or mild, symptoms, the ratio is, in fact, far smaller. I reckon 1% of those who catch it end up dead. And the majority of those are people close to death anyway; the very old, the unhealthy; those with damaged lungs from smoking; those vastly overweight.

I think the Death Four anomaly is down to Governments believing the media hype instead of examining the reality. Only that can explain the huge difference in Deaths to Cases ratio for Switzerland, Austria & Germany to Italy, for example. For Portugal compared to Spain, for example. For Ireland compared to the UK, for example.

The damage done by steps taken to "stop the spread" has been far, far worse than the damage done by Covid19, in my opinion. I've said that for 4 months now and I believe events have proven me correct.
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Re:CoronaVirus - a Father's Day update. 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
Events have absolutely proven you and others who were questioning the causes of the lockdown, it's extent and effectiveness from early on correct.

The tide is now about to turn as we sheepishly return to normal.

The ones who fell for it will bleat on about how without lockdown done in the way it was hundreds of thousands would have died without being able to produce a shred of evidence.

While the country is in for a dire time in the months and years ahead because of our over reaction; let's just hope that like the "killer plague" itself the media are hyping tales of economic armageddon...

In the meantime let's all enjoy getting back to normal asap. Life is never free of risk; and to pretend otherwise is to deprive life of all meaning and joy anyway...
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Re:CoronaVirus - a Father's Day update. 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
I tried to "self isolate" but have been struck down with a hideous painful form of pancreatitis ( Thank The Lord for Sister Morphine ) but this was the thing..hospitals and emergency rooms are virtually empty and as I checked myself in I got Royal Treatment as anyone else with a sore toe etc has been told to stay home.

No appetite but I've become very fond of soup and jelly. 10 days of it.
and I've been poked and prodded and tubes shoved every which way. Thankfully can't remember a thing.
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Re:CoronaVirus - a Father's Day update. 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
I don't have personal experience Hedda but know that pancreatitis is not pleasant at all; to say the least. I hope you have a comfortable recovery and can shower us with bitchy, camp, showbiz insights soon...
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Re:CoronaVirus - a Father's Day update. 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
hedda wrote:
I have been struck down with a hideous painful form of pancreatitis...I checked myself in

Hedda - I hope your treatment does the trick, and that you escape soon.

George Pell, I note, is seeking to raise money to publish his prison diaries.

Over a year of them - written daily whilst incarcerated, mostly in solitary confinement.

Given what he knows (about the Vatican et al) - he should easily succeed?

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