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CoronaVirus latest - a second wave?
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TOPIC: CoronaVirus latest - a second wave?
CoronaVirus latest - a second wave? 1 Year, 1 Month ago  
Am I being completely stupid? It seems so, as almost everybody disagrees with my opinion of Covid19.

The panic now is about a “second wave” which strikes me as not existing; just like Flu, which you can get at any time although it is more prevalent in cold weather, surely the global epidemic of Covid19 is here just like common colds are. We don’t call a Summer Cold “the forty fifth wave”.

Either way it appears the answer to a “second wave” will be further Lockdown to stop further spread.

But isn’t the only concern - stopping deaths? And if that is the concern, surely protecting and treating the vulnerable is what matters? Finding a vaccine and stopping the elderly and those with “underlying health conditions” from catching it? And treating it better if and when they do?

How do you treat them better? Well you can’t do any worse than the UK. If you take almost any country, the ratio to cases to deaths is FAR FAR better than the UK.

The USA? Over 2 million cases; a mere 120K deaths.
Compared to the UK. 300,000 cases; 45,000 deaths.

Do the maths.

Of course scientists, doctors, media, government don’t do maths. Or facts.

Second wave? Bollocks.
Gullible lemmings the lot of them.
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Re:CoronaVirus latest - a second wave? 1 Year, 1 Month ago  
It feels lonely being on this page, for sure.

I think the good news is that clearly the Government do now realise that the harm caused by further mass lockdown will be far greater than the virus itself and hopefully the media will not drive policy again. They will then have to concentrate on the vulnerable; as they should have done all along..

More concerning than a theoretical second wave is whether our economy - with the looming idiocy of Brexit - can survive...

That is the real "armageddon" scenario.
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Re:CoronaVirus latest - a second wave? 1 Year, 1 Month ago  
The WHO warned in April that Africa could be the next epicentre of the virus. Yet, so far, many African countries have reported very few Covid-19 related deaths. Africa has probably been in a better position in dealing with the virus due to the warmer climate, experience with Ebola, and having a “younger and fitter” population. Many twitter comments I’ve read show deep suspicion towards plague and fake news propagation.

One exciting and under-reported development is that several scientists have started exploring the Artemisia (Sweet Wormwood) plant - the key ingredient of Madagasar’s Covid-Organics.
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