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Robbie Williams "not debunked"
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TOPIC: Robbie Williams "not debunked"

Robbie Williams "not debunked" 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
I really liked Robbie Williams even though I think he's one of show biz's most boring entertainers.

There are many like that (personal opinion). Singers who can hit the notes and have terrific voices but really emanate not a lot of charisma.

Shows like BGT & The Voice (my favourite and I admit- because it's not a Simon Cowell production and much more fun) amply demonstrate that all over the world there are 1000s of people with wonderful voices who can hit all the notes.

But most don't have that extra spark. Some who have hit the big time I still find terribly boring and cannot make it through one recording but I'd I'd never deny their hard won success though.- Adele, Michael Buble (that's enough names : editor).

Others like the late Aussie church minister who I became child hood friends on visits to Oz..Gary Shearston who had the most challenged voice- had a world wide mega Hit with "I Get A Kick" which defines the song for me.

Boy did we celebrate when we heard the news with copious bottles of champagne at the Mayfair Hotel; (where he was terrified because he couldn't afford his bill..until then).

Gary then retreated back to Australia and became a church Pastor rather than release a follow-up.

I digress (for crying out loud get of with it : editor)

Robbie Williams is now peddling in "VIP PEDO RING" conspiracies.

Robbie Williams weighs in on widely debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory
Former Take That member and pop star Robbie Williams has slammed the media debunking certain conspiracy theories in a new interview

Has he not heard of the Gambicccini BlowBack Factor?
It only takes one girl Robbie (or boy). Just one. Won't matter if she is lying through her teeth but if she gives a reasonable credible tale: cancelled shows, media avoids you (except for bad news)..years of waiting for the clamour to die down. Ask Justin Beiber (love him as an entertainer- one of the best)

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Re:Robbie Williams "not debunked" 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Oooh Gary Shearston was quite dishy, wasn't he?

I love this song.
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Re:Robbie Williams "not debunked" 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
I have this idea that people who are very successful at what they do are likely to be of above-average intelligence, but Robbie Williams seems to contradict that.

Was wondering about his interviewer Anna Brees. She's claiming online to have worked for the BBC and ITV but I'm not aware of ever having seen her.
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Green Man

Re:Robbie Williams 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Honey wrote:
Oooh Gary Shearston was quite dishy, wasn't he?

I love this song.

First time I have heard that song, it's great.
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