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TOPIC: New Government - Ireland

New Government - Ireland 1 Year, 1 Month ago  
Today - 140 days after the General Election - a coalition government has been formed, at last.

Led by the Fianna Fail party - which was in power during the country's virtual bankruptcy, a dozen years ago.

FF was accused and proved guilty of taking numerous bribes during this period - and of malpractice and skulduggery.

Just like when Charles Haughy was PM, a few years previously. Haughy lived in a castle, had his own island - all paid for by the Irish taxpayer.

Massive EU support (c€100 billion) just about kept Ireland afloat, although many Irish banks failed.

Now, the Irish electorate have again chosen those who they pilloried just a few years ago - for corruption, bribery and many other crimes.

It's an odd old world...

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Green Man

Re:New Government - Ireland 1 Year, 1 Month ago  
They are all tossers to me Barney. Ireland is very weak with leaders. I haven't voted for years nor did I vote when I was in NI also.

I did donate to the Reagan Campaign (my grandmother's behalf) when I was in was working in America.

My grandmother would of been livid at me if I didn't support her favourite actor, especially if I had the opportunity to.

I loved his one liners at the rallies, it's a pity I didn't go to any in person.
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Re:New Government - Ireland 1 Year ago  
The Irish coalition government between the country's two main parties - Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael - is a first.

On opposing sides during a bloody civil was (100 years ago), these are sworn enemies - with a difficult past.

In opposition will be Sinn Fein - who won the most votes - the political arm of the IRA.

So at a critical time - Ireland's political spectrum is suspect and untried. With a history of violence.

And if the UK (Ireland's biggest customer, for food products) decides on a no deal Brexit - Ireland will struggle.

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