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TOPIC: The Anglo-American Empire
Victims R Us

The Anglo-American Empire 5 Days, 21 Hours ago  
Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) was a highly respected professor at the School of Foreign Service at Gerogetown University. He was an instructor at Princeton and Harvard; a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense, the House Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration; and the U.S. Navy.

Here, he exposes the secret society's established in London in 1891, by Cecil Rhodes. Quigley explains how these men worked in union to begin their society to control the world. He explains how all the wars from that time were deliberately created to control the economies of all the nations.
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Re:The Anglo-American Empire 5 Days, 16 Hours ago  
This post seems/seeks to entice us to purchase a book from the US.

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Green Man

Re:The Anglo-American Empire 5 Days, 15 Hours ago  
I personally stick to Mark Dice books about how world is controlled.
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Victims R Us

Re:The Anglo-American Empire 2 Days, 20 Hours ago  
Selling books and YT-clicks, born 1977 conspiracy theorist Mark Dice.

Can't be compared to true scholars and serious academics like Mark Curtis, Naom Chomsky and, died 1977 learned professor Carroll Quigley.

Plus many more true historians now muted by fakestream media whores.
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