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TOPIC: I was wrong about Covid19
I was wrong about Covid19 1 Month ago  
It seems I was wrong about Covid19, calling it a trivial virus for most who get it. In America it is spreading like wildfire.
BUT - I always said far more have caught this than we were told. I said ten times the amount. Indeed I firmly believe I got it in early March; briefly, like a bad cold or mild flu, only odd as I had a fever at nights, sweat soaking my bedsheets.
If, in America, we see a huge rise in deaths now, I will admit I was wrong; this virus is more lethal than I thought.
If it doesn't rise, it means there has been far more testing and gullible punters are rushing to hospital with mild cold symptoms.
I quote the news articles from the UK 2017-2018 when the wrong flu vaccine caused a rise in deaths in England & Wales alone - 50,000 in three months.
Yes, many of those excess deaths may not have been caused by Flu but by other reasons provoked by flu. Exactly like now where media prefers to say "died FROM Covid19" when they mean "died WITH Covid19" - implying the virus killed people instead of giving vulnerable people like the elderly other illnesses like pneumonia which became lethal to those less able to beat it.
50,000 from Flu in 17-18. As opposed to 45,000 fro Covid19 - in the entire UK.
I must be wrong in thinking the media has always exaggerated and continues to do so (interviews with the bereaved or recovered; huge stories as opposed to mentions that 165,000 a year die from Cancer each year in the UK, not worth daily coverage; praising nurses and doctors simply doing their jobs; inflating minor increases in cases into local plagues).
I must be wrong in blaming governments for falling for the media hype rather than the reality and behaving accordingly; killing the economy and causing deaths.
I must be wrong in pointing at the vast difference between cases and deaths in the Death Four countries and media must be right to ignore my constant prodding about this. And punters point out to me it's all down to different methods of compiling figures. So the hundreds of other countries must be doing that wrong too.
I must be wrong that when millions gasp "I was so lucky to get Covid and survive" and agree they should have said the same about Flu or colds or cancer.
I must be wrong about the power of media exaggeration ("it's a great story") and the ability of the majority of people to believe that the Emperor has a New Suit.
It is getting very tiring, every time I see evidence that I was - and am - right; pointing it out to those brainwashed by the media coverage.
Sadly, social media is just like traditional media; it, too, loves a great story.
We saw it in the UK with Brexit. Trivial to any sensible person but A GREAT STORY to media.
We saw it in the USA with Trump. Trivial to everyone but A GREAT STORY to all media (even if mainly negative).
But you simply cannot convince someone persuaded that RED is GREEN that the opposite is true.
So why bother? Allow the punters to rush to doctors with a slight cough, occupying hospital beds, turning ordinary health workers into heroes.
Allow the media their headlines.
Allow stupid governments to kill millions with unemployment, starvation, poverty.
Allow massive crime increases(coming soon, believe me).
Watch, bemused, and pretend I WAS WRONG.
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Re:I was wrong about Covid19 1 Month ago  
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Re:I was wrong about Covid19 1 Month ago  
and this...

from the Telegraph in 2018.
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Re:I was wrong about Covid19 1 Month ago  
Yes, becoming so blinking clear that our death rates were a failure to protect the vulnerable, which is now being done. Same in US where infection rates rocketing, but deaths massively down.

We will get a few predictable headlines about the "r" rate shooting up in UK after today; but increased focus on flat-lining death rates.

But the populus has been effectively terrified. Gov must protect! (how ironic) so insist on pointless masks..Boris doesn' do "gestures": bollocks.
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Re:I was wrong about Covid19 1 Month ago  
The figures say it all.
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Last Edit: 2020/07/04 07:27 By JK2006.
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Re:I was wrong about Covid19 1 Month ago  
The UK has 40 times more deaths from CoronaVirus in ratio to the USA.
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