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OK Facts for Trump on Covid19 deaths
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TOPIC: OK Facts for Trump on Covid19 deaths
OK Facts for Trump on Covid19 deaths 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
If the USA had a similar Deaths to Cases ratio to the UK, the country should have had between 450,000 and 500,000. In fact they have had under 200,000.
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Re:OK Facts for Trump on Covid19 deaths 3 Weeks ago  
which is presumably down to individual states and totally out of Trump's control although as president he is supposed to fund the various Governors.

And we know some states have Democrat governors like New York or Republican like Florida and Texas where the pandemic is hitting hard as it is in California with a Democrat in charge.

The fact is the pandemic, unusually as the past has shown where governments took swift action and did as they were told, has become a complete political football and Trump has aided that disaster by his inane conspiracy claptrap and inability to actually govern in any sort of sensible manner,

China, where it's claimed it started as an example of how swiftly it could be contained with an authoritarian government, everyone did as they were bloody well told to including police nailing up some sufferers in their apartments.

I think the real problem here is this pandemic has hit many people in different ways in the manner it's being handled in various countries.

For me, it's been a dream time as for 6 months it's been empty streets and an empty beach and surroundings and I've found it wonderfully peaceful for once, but obviously for everyone else even in my suburb it's been a bloody nightmare with half the small businesses permanently shutting down with a bit of ghost town effect.

The politicking of Covid has become a nightmare..the right wing NSW premier has acted very efficiently while the left wing Victorian premier seems to be bungling things as the state goes into lockdown again..
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