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TOPIC: As Leader of the free world
As Leader of the free world 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
what would I have done re Covid19?
Well, a better and deeper version of what I did personally. It seemed the elderly and diabetic were vulnerable so I bought an expensive tight fitting mask with triple filter carbon and sprayed it with alcohol based spirit every time (rarely) I went out (exercise; medicine; food). Authorities told me "worse than useless". I asked then why did hospitals use them?
I self isolated, took precautions.
I would, as Leader, have concentrated on protecting care homes, hospitals, prisons, refugee camps.
Instead of national lockdowns (although, early enough, stopping the spread would have made sense, very quickly it appeared to have infected out of control).
Instead of Nightingales and panic measures; common sense.
Instead of cancelling gatherings, urgent advice on precautions.
A massive campaign to behave sensibly - as most do when getting Flu or even just a cold.
Do not endanger others. Stay home.
Get better. If you get worse seek hospital assistance immediately.

This route, without panic, would have saved thousands of lives without damaging so much else.
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Re:As Leader of the free world 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
Good for you - all positive and common sense driven.

It's somewhat surprising though - that you, as Leader - wouldn't have prioritised the quest for a vaccine.

Until this is found - people will continue to die.

Death numbers continue to grow in the US, where the total number is expected to be c250,000.

That is if the virus doesn't mutate again, and there's no second wave.

Your wise precautions help prevent infection - a cure is now the urgent requirement.

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Re:As Leader of the free world 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
Vaccine? Common sense as it was with Flu; sadly we can still catch (and die from) the common cold.
US deaths? Remarkably few compared with other killer diseases like cancer, road accidents, heart disease.
On a par with Flu during one of the less serious epidemic seasons. 61,000 died in USA last year from Flu - WITH a vaccine.
And, per cases, far less than the Death Four. Why? How did we get it so wrong? Greece, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden - all far better health care than the UK?
Second wave? Another stupid media promoted phrase.
There will be no second wave.
Simply the first wave, dropping and rising until, unless, we find a vaccine.
As happened with Flu (second wave? Ridiculous).
Until we got the wrong vaccine. 50,000 dead in 3 months England & Wales alone.
Ignored by the gullibles.
Like sex abuse and churches - the majority of false accusers (usually after money) ignored by the gullibles.
As if Carl Beech never existed. He was the tip of the iceberg.
Wake up & smell the coffee Barney.
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Re:As Leader of the free world 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
Gawd another bizarre flu comparison.

All so simple when you don;t run the country and have to make decisions.

"Do not endanger others. Stay home." so bloody easy to say when tens of millions of people on the planet can't afford to just "stay home"

But indicates one of the shocking problems in a Capitalist society. Money has to keep flowing and I would say millions of Brits would love to just stay home but cannot afford to.
# one theory I have is the exaggerated claims "online shopping " will become the norm is ridiculous as I know here in Oz it's had an incredible boom has gone haywire, privatizing postal services sees orders not arriving, private delivery firms can't keep up.. I think the shopping experience may boom again (if we're alive that is )

There is a "second wave" in Victoria and it's quickly getting out of control.

Of course "second wave " is an invented term but it's a catch all for a virus they think they have controlled but won't be controlled so it seems.
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