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"You will be believed - even if you are lying".
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TOPIC: "You will be believed - even if you are lying".
"You will be believed - even if you are lying". 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
The new police policy - roundly condemned by such people as Sir Richard Henriques - means that police are now to assist and encourage crimes such as Perverting the Course of Justice, Blackmail, Extortion and Murder.

If a woman claims to have been raped as a 15 year old by a senior minister she may have met then and dated years later, police are to help her prosecute, convict and claim compensation and massive media interview fees. Watch out Boris.

If a woman claims she was raped by a senior police officer who went out with her 30 years ago, police are to help her bring down the senior cop. Watch out Cress.

Because they will be believed, even if they are lying. Divorcing mothers must be believed when demanding custody of children raped by their ex husbands. Huge wealthy pop stars, actors, producers, financiers, princes, media moguls, bankers - beware. If false allegations are made against you, police must believe the extortioners. Even lowly local councillors and estate agents had better look out. Here comes your step daughter, now on drugs, requiring cash compensation to fund their habit. Here comes your son, recently released from prison, looking for support from our Boys in Blue to get a hefty settlement to bankroll their club subscriptions.

Presumption of innocence? Laugh. Today, officially, it's presumption of guilt with police policy to assist the future Carl Beeches and Danny Days and Jemma Beales.

You will be believed even if you are trying to commit a crime. British Police will help you make your hated uncle commit suicide.
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Little Sausage

Re:"You will be believed - even if you are lying". 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
It’s a rather dismal and worrying outlook.

That’s why some financially successful people (quite a lot actually)
don’t play the social media game or flaunt their wealth as they know you can become
a target to the disenfranchised, greedy, crooked, mentally deranged members of the public
and maybe even members of government agencies who are jealous or resentful
and want to knock you off your perch.

In Australia they call it the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” that people like to cut down.
In South Korea and Japan they have the expression
“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.” People usually use this saying to make a point about Japan, how it's hard to be different, and that any deviance is met with resistance.
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