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TOPIC: It's all linked

It's all linked 2 Months, 1 Week ago

The Republican Embrace of QAnon Goes Far Beyond Trump

As the president all but endorses the internet-driven conspiracy theory, it is shifting from the fringes of the internet to become an offline political movement.

We all know about how these conspiracy weirdos have infected so many people. The Jimmy Savile matter was driven by it yet not a word mentioned in the media. Even the Henriques report failed to follow up on how many conspiracy merchants influenced Carl Beech in so many overt & covert ways.

# my dear friend Alan Jones didn't mention a word of it in his Dingo Lady monologue but I guarantee he knew every aspect of it - it's weird that it's avoided by the current media who helped string it along.

# There was Youtube Presenter who was the wackiest I've ever seen who made pronouncements every day that Donald Trump & QAnon had "saved" another 500 babies and children from the Satanist cabal & Clinton etc (and yes some were based in Hampstead in that infamous case)..I mean every day..that were being transported by secret tunnels (some to @pizzagate etc).

It wasn't that he was totally was the fact he had nearly 100,000 followers, and alarmingly they all seem to agree with him !
## he died 2 years ago of brain cancer.
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