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TOPIC: My wonderful Mum
My wonderful Mum 2 Months ago  
died 13 years ago tomorrow aged 91. I know everybody thinks their Mum was the best in the world but mine really was - having to bring up three boys single handed after our father died aged only 42. She was my best friend through many great times and a few difficult ones. I miss her like mad and so do my brothers and many of my friends (many of whom liked her more than they liked me).

I reckon every good characteristic I have came from her.
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Re:My wonderful Mum 2 Months ago  
we are linked to our mothers in more ways than one.

One scientist believes there is an invisible chord that is never separated.

Sad your dad died at that age.

Oddly I was just thinking that I regret not seeing my father enough times up to his death at 77. He was such a mild, gentle and loyal father and I've always remembered how he had to pull a 6 inch nail from my foot when I was 8 as the ambulance men did not want the responsibility. Wonder why we didn't go to Emergency?.

I saw my father the night before he died and he had some weird virus where he would be incoherent at times. But he was OK and I said "don;t worry you'll be home soon" but he said " I don;t want to go home, I'm just too tired of everything".

Then he giggled and pointed to the top of cupboard in the Ward and described a fabulous little marching band of mice in uniforms who were dancing and playing instrument.
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