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TOPIC: Carl Beech.

Carl Beech. 2 Months ago  
just on the off-chance someone has missed it, the documentary is on at nine tonight, BBC2.
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Re:Carl Beech. 2 Months ago  
I didn't see it but would be interested to hear what you made of it. Have been looking at comments from various people on Rabbit Away's Twitter page, e.g.:

I switched it off after precisely 13 minutes. Most of which had been given over to an Exaro hack. Absolute rubbish

It was a documentary? Oh! I thought with all that irrelevant moody imagery and Pinocchio schtick that it was an entertainment, as if Beech were a big joke or some sort of curiosity - not living proof of the hideous incompetence of police leadership in this country. None of these ridiculous stories would have made it into the “serious” media without the assistance of the @metpoliceuk - Steve Rodhouse and Cressida Dick should pay for the Beech fiasco by losing jobs, gongs and pensions.

One thing I found striking about the #CarlBeech documentary was what wasn't mentioned: no officer involved in #OperationMidland faced any discipline or censure. Instead they were enobled, promoted or retired.

I thought it was a really poor programme - over long at times laced with irrelevant imagery, and frankly did not hold the bone headed thick idle police to account. A complete fail.

I can't help wondering if any jury members who have convicted innocent people of HSA watched tonight's #carlbeech documentary and thought they may have made a mistake.
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Re:Carl Beech. 1 Month, 4 Weeks ago  
I found it quite puzzling. It is not a nice thing to say, but I am sure we have all noticed it... Carl Beech, The woman who hadn't even MET Rolf Harris at a fictitious concert, the woman who claimed to have been raped on a common by a van load of conservatives,the bloke/woman groped in "full view" by Jimmy Savile in hospital, the boy who imagined being in a Rolls Royce that wasnt invented yet, etc etc.

They all LOOK not right in the head, because they were NOT right in the head and it should be perfectly obvious to anyone looking at them and listening to them, so why were they indulged?

I cant think of any mental illness where the treatment is to indulge the fantasy, and I was always taught that it is not helpful in the long run.

I assume that Beech's "condition", whatever it is, appeared later on in life, because his wife seemed quite normal.
Maybe we should be looking at the causes behind the behaviour and stop exploiting sick people, punishing them, and making their conditions worse?

I found the image of Pinocchio at the end offensive.
It trivialised the devastating effect false accusations have on the victims and their families, and whether illness, greed or vindictiveness is behind the accusations, it goes far deeper, and is far more serious, than telling a few porkies.

What fool ever let Beech near children?
Presumably he passed the checks, but wouldn't someone have noticed that he was not quite right?
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