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"I was also abused before": true or false?
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TOPIC: "I was also abused before": true or false?

"I was also abused before": true or false? 2 Months ago  
I've noticed that three people who have made allegations of abuse against people in the public eye have also claimed to have been abused by someone closer to home: Carl Beech claimed to have been abused by his stepfather (source), Virginia Roberts Giuffre claimed to have been abused by a family friend (source) and Rolf Harris accuser Tonya Lee, who sold her story to the media pre-trial, told the court she had been abused around the age of four by a relative (source). The latter also claimed to have been abused by her husband: "Ms Lee’s voice cracked as she emotionally told the court that the couple broke up because he had allegedly bashed her as she tried to leave him, an assault for which she said he was subsequently charged and later jailed for three months. She said her partner had been threatening to discredit her and her Harris assault claim if she did not drop her assault allegations against him." (source) "The court was told that Mr McDaid, who served a jail term for assaulting Ms Lee, claimed she had invented the allegations against Mr Harris." (source).

I have a hard time believing that anyone capable of making false claims against a famous person/people would be incapable of making false claims against an ordinary person, e.g. to garner sympathy or seem more believable. It also seems incredibly bad luck for someone to be abused not just by one person but later by another person/other people, unless one believes that abusers are everywhere.
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