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Cardinal Pell plot begins to unravel
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TOPIC: Cardinal Pell plot begins to unravel

Cardinal Pell plot begins to unravel 3 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Of course regular readers on King of Hits of wise old HEDDA (going om 89 but looking 40 ) will Be aware I have been banging on about this forever:

George Pell's lawyer calls for investigation into claim bribes paid to influence sexual assault case
Italian newspapers report Pell rival Cardinal Giovanni Becciu is suspected of paying $1.1m to Australian witness

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Re:Cardinal Pell plot begins to unravel 3 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Fascinating; it amuses me that I've only seen this from a UK paper thanks to you Hedda in Australia where I am in Rome next to the Vatican!
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Re:Cardinal Pell plot begins to unravel 3 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Any way to get insights into the Vatican's history is to be welcomed, as so much is unknown - for so many centuries.

Popes got involved in wars, yet ignored others. The reasons were never clear; WWII being a good example - when they were conveniently neutral.

Dan Brown did well with some intriguing suggestions, although very few knew the Vatican was developing property in London.

In the highly affluent Sloane area, no less - and where else? Park Lane or Manhattan, maybe. Transparency is for others.

But not for those running this small, powerful, independent and extremely wealthy state. Almost always run by a man, of some seniority - in years.

Or is it.
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Re:Cardinal Pell plot begins to unravel 3 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
The jury system as currently implemented is opened for all sorts of abuse due to many factors that lack transparency and accountability. The secrecy is crazy.

Thus when I saw the false allegations here in the UK I have wondered about bribes and corruption from rivals, police and others. Thus bribes, inducements along with psychological manipulation and many other factors could of played a huge part in Rolf Harris' trial. Even JK's nemesis Max Clifford's.

Rolf's was the most interesting - Stars sports clip introduced near the end of the trial, Defence QC going off sick before closing arguments leaving junior counsel on his own, emotional comments by prosecutor and judge.

Unconfirmed report that an ex policeman or someone related to police but obviously not impartial was on the jury. But I have not found reliable confirmation.

Point is DNA now has chain of evidence. police are starting to use body videos but juries and other evidence i still so open to abuse. And sedrecy prevents any checking.

I would not be surprised if operation Yewtree did not bribe some key jury members. Will never know.
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Re:Cardinal Pell plot begins to unravel 3 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Intriguing article, hedda. Wonder if a movie will be made in due course!

wjlmarsh, I wouldn't be surprised if not all was above board in the Rolf Harris case. But giving accusers a (presumably) all-expenses-paid trip to the UK from Australia or to London from other parts of the UK might be considered an inducement. I have a strong suspicion that TL, and perhaps others, was helped with her story.
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Re:Cardinal Pell plot begins to unravel 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Many believe the Vatican is run by Opus Dei (Work of God), a highly secretive and clandestine organisation which was founded in Spain almost a century ago.

Its 95,000 catholic lay members are wealthy and powerful - and another 5,000 are priests, including Popre Francis, a Jesuit.

Only the chosen ones are approached to join, and the Pope makes the appointments. Secrecy is paramount. And, apart from running the lives of billions through the church, some countries are in their palms.
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