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TOPIC: Hospital admissions?

Hospital admissions? 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
I am not denying that Liverpool has an extremely high infection rate. It is to be expected in a university city.

But, is it realistic to use the number of hospital admissions as part of the reason for the highest tier lockdown?

OF COURSE we have got high admissions. This is where the specialist hospitals are, for goodness sake.
Patients are sent here!
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Re:Hospital admissions 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
The infection rate is God; the r number sacrosanct Honey.

I feel for the people of Liverpool and other "very high risk" areas. There remains some financial assistance for businesses told to shut down, but what about the micro economy reliant on them - window cleaners, cleaners, electricians and on and on...?


It was clear from Boris's statement that they are doing this again becauause of fear the NHS can't cope (both with increased Covid and treating other illnesses as well). Fair enough; but how long have we had to sort capacity? What happened to we will do whatever it takes?

Is this the deep real reason - years of underfunding of an NHS with no contingencies planned for - for project fear?

Final observation. If infections continue to rise -as they will because none of the local measures since June have reduced it at all - how does Liverpool ever get out of Tier 3 and my part of the world Surrey avoid going into Tier 3 forever?

Dramatic? No just following lockdown logic.
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