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TOPIC: It really worries me
It really worries me 2 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
How intelligent, sensible people fail to think anything through. Silly woman on BBC News just said "it shows how the lockdown is working". That's the collapse in the death rate. But she (and Dim Matt and Bumbling Boris) are well aware that Swedish deaths have died too; without lockdown. So have the French; without vaccines. So do countries without quarantine or border controls. The winter is ending (we used to call it the Flu season; before that the Colds season). Stupid trivial virus Covid19 is ending.

For God's sake - did humanity lose all ability to think in depth in 2000?
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Re:It really worries me 2 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Seriously what IS the matter with media and observers? Just now the 11.00 News on the BBC had an expert saying "we must continue to push infections down". Why? We don't do it for colds or flu. We don't even bother to test for them. Why would we? You get it mildly, who cares? You get it bad enough to stay in bed? Stay in bed. "Oh" say the stupids, "but it's so infectious". And talk stupid words like Asymptomatic. Doh. So some flu and colds are asymptomatic. Who cares. London has seen an 80% drop in cases. Why? Lockdown? Vaccine? No, experts, I can tell you. Winter is ending, Spring is coming, Covid is finished until the next wave (hopefully small as everybody seems to have invented a vaccine).

Truly, stupidity rools OK.
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Re:It really worries me 2 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
Driving me nuts today too. I read an article earlier saying that we have missed 4 symptoms and so millions more could have it than we are aware of we must go looking for these people!Why? They are fine. All it means is that the virus is even less fucking lethal than we already know it is.
I need to stop reading and posting about the subject. I can't stand the stupidity anymore.
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