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TOPIC: ghastly social media

ghastly social media 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
social media, twitter, facebook etc etc really is the Tool Of The Devil isn't it ? (not you JK of course )

It's exposed that Poison Pen Letter authors actually number in the millions and aren't just that one lone nutter in the village

The ABC & Louise Milligan was certainly one of the main drivers of the case against Cardinal George Pell (now living it up in a Vatican apartment and dining in his favourite Italian bistros with various visiting right wing personalities) and even after he was proclaimed Not Guilty produced another ABC show saying there were new "victims",neglecting to inform viewers (me) they had all had their claims booted out in Magistrate's Courts.

I see in the Statement Of Claims against the ABC & Milligan by former Attorney General (now demoted) Christian Porter in Oz continues with lists of prominent Tweeters posting and then allowing defamatory claims to fester in their timeline.

I've always said this is all going to end in tears at some stage and I believe the time is coming..probably no-one will be able to post on social Media unless they provide concrete proof of their identity,
Bizarrely some of those mentioned are actually as we speak, re-tweeting libels like it's going out of style.

Christian Porter defamation case: minister's lawyers accuse ABC of omitting material that cast doubt on rape claim

Then there is ridiculous matter (again Trotskyite Marxist Socialist Hedda has to defend another right wing loon Tory )

Queensland police clear Andrew Laming over complaint he took photo of woman bending over
Police found no evidence of a criminal offence after the embattled Liberal MP was accused of taking an inappropriate photo

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