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TOPIC: Baby P's Mother

Baby P's Mother 2 Months, 1 Week ago  
It is irrelevant who it is really, but if lie detector tests are not used in court because they are unreliable, how can anyone think it is ok to use them in an assessment to see if someone is re-offending?
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Re:Baby P's Mother 2 Months, 1 Week ago  
I don't understand the purpose of all the measures being put in place - GPS tracking, lie detectors, tags. Her crime was to neglect/hurt her own child. As she surely won't be allowed to look after any children ever, what risk does she now pose and to who? Reeks of politics to me.
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Re:Baby P's Mother 2 Months, 1 Week ago  
the tragic Baby P case should highlight a terrible British tragedy but doesn't as it's swamped by the False Allegations Industry against famous names and others of sex assaults...

the vast majority of UK child abuse is caused by poverty, neglect and (non sexual) physical and mental abuse.

Swamped by Good Stories about pop stars and deceased Tory politicians.

## The ex-copper and Satanist Hunter Jon Wedger says he worked on the Baby P case even publishing a snap of himself in uniform with some award for the case.

No reason to doubt him but he would have been part of a squad led by a senior detective. Maybe they all got awards.

But it shows how an ex-cop can make published comments and no current officer will comment on them because of privacy rules.

Those rules should go both ways..if an ex-cop speaks out his record should be on public display so we can access their reliability.

I'm not speaking about anyone in particular but the letters M.W and T come to mind.
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