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The boosters. Or not boosters.
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TOPIC: The boosters. Or not boosters.

The boosters. Or not boosters. 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
What are they supposed to be boosting?

We were told that the vaccines, just like the ones for flu, have to be adjusted every year to account for mutations, which sounds very sensible.

Except, they haven't adjusted it, as far as I am aware, so we will be boosted against the original virus which is not around any more, and not the "delta" which it is not very effective against, or the upcoming "Mu" which they say the vaccine is utterly crap against!

Why, if it was so easy to get the vaccine done in the first place, havent they done it again, especially as they claim it is easily tweaked?
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Re:The boosters. Or not boosters. 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Good point Honey. The reason I am having one (the moment they arrive) is because I suspect that the original two (Pfizers) that I had in January and February may only be effective for around 6 months so the "booster" increases their power for a further 6 months. Which I require especially if I intend to travel again over the winter. As you know my reason for having the vaccine is simply; it should make Covid, if I get it, far less serious and virtually NON lethal. Like Flu. Your point about tweaking worries me more regarding FLU. I don't want to die from that either. And I don't think they have tweaked the 2021 vaccine.
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Re:The boosters. Or not boosters. 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Boosters are like most of Covid politics; search in vain for reason. Boosters = we are protecting you!! Simple as that. Having said that, I will take one when I am at the right stage in the age queue. Why not? Vaccines are one of the great advantages of living now.
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