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The Beveridge Report, Covid & reality....
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TOPIC: The Beveridge Report, Covid & reality....

The Beveridge Report, Covid & reality.... 2 Weeks ago  
Anyone else get the feeling that Covid is going to be used for years to come as an excuse for a crap, under-funded and "struggling" NHS every Winter now?

I don't believe there will be any more lockdowns (for Covid anyway; as we destroy the habitats of the wildlife on our planet and increase cross-species contact and infections this won't be the last lockdown...) and maybe some common sense restrictions in Winter are for the best for Covid, flu & hospitals.

But the real issue will be, conveniently, very hard to see.

Go back over headlines of the past 10 years and the NHS has been "struggling" for one reason or another long before Covid.

We need a national (grown up) discussion and plan for how we fund (or privately fund) health services for a vast and aging population.

The Beveridge Report was for a post war era fundamentally different to the world now.
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Green Man

Re:The Beveridge Report, Covid & reality.... 2 Weeks ago  
They are never going to let this go.
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