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More Jimmy Savile claptrap from "The Critic" magazine.
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TOPIC: More Jimmy Savile claptrap from "The Critic" magazine.
More Jimmy Savile claptrap from "The Critic" magazine. 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
"A disturbing and well-researched biography by Dan Davies, In Plain Sight, did a fine job of detailing his appalling acts, as well as the shocking inability of either the BBC or the police to hold him to any kind of account."
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Re:More Jimmy Savile claptrap from "The Critic" magazine. 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
Quite possibly the worst researched book ever written by the man who knew him least but took advantage of his generosity when he was down. If I could add a photo I'd show you what Dan Davies wrote in SJS's memorial book at his wake.
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Re:More Jimmy Savile claptrap from "The Critic" magazine. 1 Week, 2 Days ago  
Dan "Savile had a Heart of Gold" Davies book was atrocious.

It's odd though as the claims about Savile have now become "history" including the oft-repeated claim even by serious (?) publications that there was a "chance to catch Savile" when he was accused of assault in late life and police didn't really investigate.

But as we know, as pointed out by the late great Anna Raccoon the girls making the complaint didn't make it about themselves, rather they made it about 2 other girls from their old school who told the cops they wanted nothing to do with it.

Obviously the police could not investigate further when basically, there were no complainants.

In fact I read recently in an Australian newspaper parroting this claptrap, that had the police investigated then (when there were no actual complainants) they could have prevented Savile from "abusing dozens of children".

Such bollox. Savile was an old man at the time and no-one came forward after that event to say they were abused.

This is an example of how loose with the truth The Meejah are.
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