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TOPIC: "Everyone accepts..."
"Everyone accepts..." 4 Days, 22 Hours ago  
"Everyone accepts the UK locked down too late and should have locked down much earlier". WRONG! Sorry to defy the expert examiners but I think the lockdowns were the wrong way to go, influenced by the media inflated image that Covid was a "killer plague" as opposed to a trivial virus for the majority and a lethal or nasty virus only for the vulnerable (elderly, unhealthy, overweight). Yes of course it was highly infectious and yes, it could be caught and spread without symptoms. Knowing that, care homes, hospitals, prisons, refugee camps - all should have been MASSIVELY protected across the world, isolation and protection for the vulnerable until a vaccine was found. Because it was, in reality, a trivial virus, that vaccine should arrive within months (even I was astonished by how many and how soon). Until then - protect and treat the vulnerable. Do not turn it into a PANICDEMIC! That would (and did) cause millions more deaths, misery and suicides. DOH! Simples! NEVER believe the media. Always assume exaggeration.
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Re:"Everyone accepts..." 4 Days, 22 Hours ago  
270 views in 14 minutes. The Internet is incredible. I bet that is more than read a story in The Times in the past 14 minutes.
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Re:"Everyone accepts..." 4 Days, 21 Hours ago  
The report begins at the assumption that lockdowns and restrictions - in the wider population outside closed vulnerable environments such as care homes - are effective in reducing deaths; without troubling to establish this (they would struggle...) However, MPs were never going to challenge the "religious" - on faith - basis of Covid beliefs. The intelligent learn from mistakes; we are not an intelligent country - and here is the blue print report for future self-harm.
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