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TOPIC: Cancelled !

Cancelled ! 2 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
anti- "woke" .. although I believe the wrong word has been appropriated for the welter of people being cancelled which is now getting totally out of hand.

There's an excellent, quite long article on "cancel culture" which sadly involves a youngish actor.

A new TV series with a transgender (or is it non-binary ?) character bite the dust but the transgender "activists" who viciously destroyed the production completely ignored the show was written by straight men..which you would think would surely incur outrage.

I love the quote from an Aboriginal writer " it’s been heartbreaking to witness the left mutate into a bunch of f…ing cannibals who are eating their own.”

God only knows how Stephan Elliot would have survived today who has had such brilliant successes with his film, Broadway show etc "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" with 3 straight actors playing gay drag queens.

It was the role of a lifetime for actor Hugh Sheridan – until a social media campaign killed the show and left him suicidal. A prime example of cancel culture gone mad – or the incidental cost of rebalancing biased power structures?
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Green Man

Re:Cancelled ! 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Braveheart will be next, Titanic because its too white and no cripples.
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Re:Cancelled ! 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Green Man wrote:
Braveheart will be next, Titanic because its too white and no cripples.

Sensitively done GM!...

But with you all the way on cancel culture. I think the tide may be turning a bit though...I also think this cricketer case and all the shit he is now receiving back may help to turn the tide on raking over historical faux pas...

Helps no-one and advances nothing.
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