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TOPIC: Am I enormously stupid?
Am I enormously stupid? 7 Months ago  
It is agreed that Omicron seems non lethal; scarcely worse than a cold.
The vast majority of those in hospital with Omicron are the non vaccinated.
Yet all the experts and politicians go on about "You MUST be vaccinated".
200,000 a day are testing positive for Omicron, most of whom are vaccinated.
Most of those have no or mild symptoms.
Yet all over the world the panic continues.
None of this makes sense to me. Yet even pointing it out provokes howls of hatred.
Isn't it stupidity that has infected our species?
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Re:Am I enormously stupid? 7 Months ago  
It is becoming more evident daily that the reaction to Covid now has nothing to do with reason or science. If you think about Covid as more like a religion it makes sense. But that is the only way now. Yes it is all rather weird & disturbing.
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Re:Am I enormously stupid? 7 Months ago  
There is no logic behind covid - or the restrictions and never has been.
Why is it compulsory to wear a mask in a shop - but not in a pub or restaurant?
Currently just under 3.4 million people in the UK have covid - that is around 5% of the population of these just 868 are currently classed as "serious" or "critical". Most of those in ICU with covid also have other life threatening illnesses.
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Re:Am I enormously stupid? 7 Months ago  
My Auntie Valerie & Uncle Brian (84 & 90 respectively) had Omicron over Xmas. 2 or 3 days in bed with what felt like "a bad cold". Even age is no longer a particular risk factor. World, move on please. Grow up.
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