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TOPIC: Covid death figures
Covid death figures 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Far fewer deaths this year so far than the 5 year average. Why? Because old people close to death died sooner than usual (new virus); now there are fewer people near death.
Yet no media suggests this. Is it right? Who knows - certainly not me; but I wonder why it is not considered.
62 million die in an average year.
Latest 2021 figure says 15 million more died "with" Covid than usual.
That's not a lot.
Was the Panic sensible?
Or did it cause more deaths than Covid did?
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Last Edit: 2022/05/05 14:23 By JK2006.
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Re:Covid death figures 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Thanks JK for your comments and posts through all this time. You have been a voice of reason and good sense; great to know there are other like-minded people around.

Possibly your question is rhetorical. But in the end I think we’ll see it was a mass panic over very little and an opportunity to transfer a lot of taxpayer money to pharma and government cronies.

Re: Pfizer: massive revenue and profits and still trying to peddle the old vaccine (targeting the original Wuhan variant…2 years old!) to squeeze even more out.

Thankfully covid is over here in the Maldives, the sun is shining and the drinks are cold.

Thanks again!

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Re:Covid death figures 3 Weeks ago  
And of course the media does NOT say how many people each year have died with - or from - flu or colds or other minor illnesses (since vaccines). I wouldn't be surprised if it was 10 or 15 million. Even a sniffle or cough can become pneumonia in older, vulnerable people. And a new virus? Wow; serious killer of the old until a vaccine gets found. There will be more of these surprise viruses and some may affect other areas than respiratory ones. Heart. Blood. Joints. Immune system. Brain. Testicles.
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Re:Covid death figures 3 Weeks ago  
Yes the context of Covid (to other deaths) was removed from the narrative by the media for a better story. The context of deaths caused by lockdown was also removed from public discourse and shoved into the "conspiracy" drawer, because politicians felt they had to pursue lockdowns to meet the media generated public expectations. And this made it easier. Overall, a disastrous recipe for public health policy.
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