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Opportunist slippery Starmer; ghastly liar Johnson
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TOPIC: Opportunist slippery Starmer; ghastly liar Johnson
Opportunist slippery Starmer; ghastly liar Johnson 2 Weeks, 4 Days ago  
Neither should bow to media hype and go over this trivial issue about a trivial virus. Madness. Both and Davey should all quit because of being wankers.
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Last Edit: 2022/05/09 15:21 By JK2006.
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Re:Opportunist slippery Starmer; ghastly liar Johnson 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
Starmer is being unbelievably devious. Note his lawyers words: he will resign if Durham Police fine him, i.e issue a fixed penalty notice.

But as he is fully aware from the Cummings episode Durham Police has a POLICY of NOT issuing retrospective fixed penalty notices.

This was explicitly why they did not pursue Cummings.

Win win for the ultimate slippery opportunist. Why has MSM not picked this up?
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Green Man

Re:Opportunist slippery Starmer; ghastly liar Johnson 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
Starmer reminds me of typical lawyer and used car salesman. Both are not to be trusted !
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Re:Opportunist slippery Starmer; ghastly liar Johnson 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
Of course they are both ghastly.

Remember Starmer threw his weight behind Jeremy Corbyn when it suited but then turned on sixpence when he wanted the top job.

I don't care what you think of Jeremy Corbyn but he was as he presented..left wing with (what I thought ) were very sensible policies for the time and by God..he put up with more shit on a daily basis for 5 years than any the politician in the last 100 years but still held his head high and simply carried on.

The point is Starmer reeks of opportunism. I believe his faux antisemitism claims about Labour (and Corbyn) have been utterly destructive to the Jewish community (insulting them as though they all think and act the same) when basically the majority of Brits simply don't give a f*ck because they have their own debilitating problems...will cause problems for British Jews for years to come.

There is something pretty odd about non-Jews also preaching about antisemitism as though Jews (including left wing ones) haven't experienced it all their lives.

Starmer is so lightweight he could float away. He'll never be Prime Minister but perhaps he would rather be permanent Leader of The Opposition getting all the kudos without the hard work.

##There could be much to his personality that he is a barrister. Unlike a lawyer a barrister takes on a case and will do their best for the client even if it's Myra Hindley whereas a lawyer is constrained by the fact they can only tell the truth.
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