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TOPIC: What's 8.7 billion....?

What's 8.7 billion....? 2 Weeks, 3 Days ago  
While we are distracted by "cake and beer" the Gov is burning £8.7 billion of unused PPE the press bounced them into buying with our money; at the rate of 15 000 pallets a month.

This while the cost of living sees increasing numbers skipping meals to pay fuel bills. What's the point providing a source? No one really cares anyway. And anyone who supported all that crap has long shut up.

They are now on to replacing Clap The NHS with I'm With Ukraine flags. It's just about feeling good about yourself.

But even if you accept that all that PPE was necessary or achieved anything, how can a Gov survive having wasted so much money? How can the media not scream about it? How come it barely gets a mention, anywhere?

You don't need a dictator to create a powerful unaccountable state; just enough soporific, brain-washed (on bad diets, crap TV, smartphones, booze, drugs of all kinds and box sets) citizens.

Huxley got it right in Brave New World. Orwell underestimated the peoples own desire for drugged (in the broadest sense) subjugation.

Most people loved lockdowns even while they moaned.

The dictators can wear the most democratic and benign of outfits when the people it governs are in a collective coma.
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