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TOPIC: Stupid fat girl
Stupid fat girl 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
in the pool doing back stroke (I only do breast stroke - better for joints) cracked into the wall at the end. Turned around and cursed/blamed the wall; realised how stupid that was so looked angrily at us few other swimmers to blame one of us!
I do often think fat goes to the brain when all other organs are blocked off.
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Green Man

Re:Stupid fat girl 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
Sounds like I haven't missed much then for not learning how to swim.

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Re:Stupid fat girl 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
I think it is better for the joints if you vary the stroke actually.
When I am doing backstroke I pick a chair or splodge on the wall or something, to tell me before I hit the wall.
I wonder if her marker was something moveable like the tub of floats on wheels?
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Re:Stupid fat girl 1 Week, 6 Days ago  
When a child I dive-bombed to the bottom of a pool before shooting upwards like a spirited otter, only to suffer mild concussion as my head and neck nearly entered the belly of what I took for some form of slow-moving but substantial marine life...

The badly winded leviathan was, in fact, an enormously fat old man (so probably about 40 given my age at the time...) who had been swimming pain-stakingly across the pool before I checked his progress.
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