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TOPIC: Donkey Kong... and more
Donkey Kong... and more 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
Donkey Kong, the Law and Bent Cops

Seeing Bill Cosby again fall victim to a False Accuser in America despite her (and a friend’s) sworn testimony that she was only 16 and they played Donkey Kong at the Playboy Mansion for hours before and after the abuse… yet Donkey Kong was only invented six years later!
That’s the trouble with juries; they are made up of ordinary people - most of whom fall for media hype and good acting/lying.
I mean, after all that negative publicity, how could any normal person acquit Cosby?
And liars are often assisted by police.
In my “debacle” of 2018, a friend had the sense to record his phone conversation with a police officer, who had called to try to persuade him to lie about me.
That phone call was incredibly damning to Surrey Police.
Their case fell apart, I was declared Not Guilty of several charges and any future trial banned by the Judge, who was horrified by police behaviour.
My friend was not involved, but was horrified by the approach.
He was never told or encouraged to lie but the implication was that, if he DID have any complaint to make, any expenses (coming to make a statement; appearing in court; taking time off work) would be repaid by Surrey Police and, indeed, hint hint, he might even end up making money were I to be convicted or even, wink wink, if I was acquitted.
I found it incredible, after my 2001 wrongful conviction, that several false accusers made tons of cash from the CICB (Criminal Injuries Compensation Board) or the media (paying for exclusive stories if they “bravely waived their anonymity”) although their claims had been thrown out or I’d been acquitted of their charges. One man made £17,000 for one story.
So no surprise now that even though Bill Cosby has been found to be innocent (after serving some time in jail) those greedy little band wagoners, now in their 60s, are after compensation.
Only in America? Don’t you believe it. Although I bet the money never actually gets paid.
As in the Savile case, only the lawyers make any money.
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