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TOPIC: The woman looks like a woman.

The woman looks like a woman. 1 Week, 3 Days ago

Nobody could ever think that was a man, even if they were blind, so what is going on? Was the "wife" scared to come out as lesbian, or was there a scam, and if so, what?
Any ideas?
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Re:The woman looks like a woman. 1 Week, 2 Days ago  
Sounds like a scam, since "he" appears to have lied about his professional qualifications. They "met online", which doesn't mean a lot and is surely a recipe for trouble. Men from that part of the world often don't seem to look particularly masculine, so perhaps it was a genuine mistake by the woman, especially if she was inexperienced.

Love this comment under the article from "Fat Boab" from Fife:

"When you are in the market for a new car always check under the bonnet, even if it's just to ensure the engine is there."

A couple of others:

Albert from the Netherlands: "This happened to a simple farmer man in my old village decades ago. He arranged a bride from Indonesia, they married, but within weeks he discovered she was actually a he. End of marriage, and a shock for all involved here."

SeaSpirit from the UK: "I personally know a man that met,dated and married someone who turned out to be a man. This was in Indonesia too."
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Green Man

Re:The woman looks like a woman. 1 Week, 2 Days ago  
Humans are stupid.

Period !
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