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Craig McLachlan and False Allegations
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TOPIC: Craig McLachlan and False Allegations
Craig McLachlan and False Allegations 2 Weeks, 5 Days ago  
Humanity has become so superficial and so media dominated that a fake claim can ruin a life and career; just ask Gambo and Cliff and Tarbuck, Davison, Roache and others. Before even being charged people are dropped, ignored, spat at. And God forbid being wrongly convicted - just ask Cardinal Pell or Rolf Harris. But even being acquitted can ruin your life. People simply do not like being proven wrong. And people simply cannot accept that the vast majority of accusers are liars or mistaken or loonies or after money. How long will it take before our species wakes up? Do we need a few Crystal Nachts to wake up?
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Re:Craig McLachlan and False Allegations 2 Weeks, 5 Days ago  
I agree with each and every one of the points you make. I do however think the approach you adopt in your campaign is badly focused.

IMHO the issue is making sure the accused is kept anonymous and that is the battle that needs to be fought. Claiming that those accused are innocent doesn't help the cause. They might be innocent but they also may not be.

There is a good example of anonymity (almost) working at the minute in the case of the Premier league footballer who has been accused of rape. I say almost because though no name has been given it is stated he is 29 and Premier league and mentions North London
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Re:Craig McLachlan and False Allegations 2 Weeks, 5 Days ago  
Snubbed from the Neighbours Finale which aired tonight in the UK
and yesterday in Australia
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