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TOPIC: Manhunt
Manhunt 2 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
On ITV a repeat of this, one of the best TV series of the century so far. Colin Sutton (played by Martin Clunes) is a bit of a hero of mine. They only imply but hint that Levi Belfield wasn't the only one responsible for those murders. Put it this way - Surrey Police do not come out of it well. And who was the Surrey officer in charge of the failed investigation (into the murder of Milly Dowler)? The same man responsible for my 2001 prosecution.
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Re:Manhunt 2 Weeks ago  
Second episode - this is the one where Colin Sutton privately visits Brian Marjoram, the Surrey Police chief who served the Dowler family so badly (and incidentally, in 2001 ran the campaign to get me convicted of crimes that had never taken place). Then (from where?) the story reached the News of the World who intended to run the story (which would have warned off Bellfield who would certainly have "done a runner"). The source of the leak is not made clear but suspicions are clearly drawn. The only person to complain about Manhunt, I gather (but cannot state as fact) was now retired Marjoram.

Anyway, the result of Surrey Police failing to arrest Bellfield was the deaths of more innocent girls and the attempted murder of several more.

Had Surrey Police been competent, those deaths might not have happened.

It's also a damn good TV series, incidentally. Do watch it on Catchup.
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Re:Manhunt 2 Weeks ago  
I've cheated and watched the third, final episode on Catchup (it's on ITV3 tonight). It really is SOOO good. But terrible sad that Colin Sutton is clearly the exception that proves the rule - a decent, honest, hard working mid level police officer. Anybody interested in how ghastly Surrey Police were (and clearly still are) should read Milly Dowler's sister's book MY SISTER MILLY which is also fantastic. If only we had someone at the top of the police who would DO something about this state of affairs.
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