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I'm no conspiracy theorist but...
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TOPIC: I'm no conspiracy theorist but...
I'm no conspiracy theorist but... 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
Sunak's recent comments are almost so stupid as to be clever - if he wanted Truss to win.
But that would mean SOME shadowy, behind the scenes characters, were behind the whole "Ditch Boris - replace him with someone who will do what we tell them" scenario.
However, SURELY they could have found someone - anyone - better than Truss to replace him?
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Re:I'm no conspiracy theorist but... 1 Week, 4 Days ago  
Trouble is however you twist it the conspiracy theorists shout conspiracy!

Boris was being controlled anyway why replace him? Sunak is WEF puppet with many vids of him in cohoots with them. Ken Clarke could make a comeback and would somehow be seen to not be what he seems.

Looking at the ongoing Alex Jones stuff I think we should do what the conspiracy theorists bellow: follow the money! His conspiracy business empire is worth $270m...There are a thousand lesser Alex Jones clogging the Internet and I doubt many of them have charitable status...

But yes what a stupid remark!
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